Engraved caraf (6 glasses)

77.24 Netto (zł95.00 Tax included)

Caraf set + glasses with engraver

Beautiful gift set. Caraf and 6 glasses of whiskey with engraver in a decorative box. A gift perfect for any occasion. On the elements of the kit we make a laser engraver, which is very high quality. The engraver on transparent glass has a milky color, is delicate and at the same time very elegant. It is best presented when the caraf and glasses are filled with :)

After purchasing, please select:

- project number per caraf and data for personalization: first name or year (depending on the project).

- project number per glass and data for personalization: name or year (depending on the project). You can choose 1 design for all glasses.

The set includes a 750 ml caraf, 6 250ml glasses and a decorative box made of grey cardboard.\\


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