Article 1 Preconditions

1. Owner and administrator of the website is an advertising agency Jarograf with its registered office in Srem called in the regulations as SELLER
2. The company's offer presented on is for informational purposes and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Article 66(1) of the Civil Code Act
3. The scope of the offer is variable, depending on the offer of suppliers and manufacturers of offered products and each time analyzing customer inquiries and orders is subject to verification based on current inventory.
4. The SELLER reserves the right to withdraw individual products at any time, introduce new ones and carry out changes and cancel all promotional campaigns.

Article 2 Placing of orders

1. The conclusion of the contract takes place by placing a written order by the UPING K AND after the written confirmation of acceptance of the order for execution by the SELLER's employee. An e-mail sent automatically to the BUYER after he has placed an order is a confirmation of acceptance of the order for analysis and not for execution. Written confirmation of acceptance of the order for execution by the SELLER shall be made after agreement with the BUYER: prices, terms of payment and delivery, issuance of the Proforma Invoice and receipt of the prepayment to the SELLER's account.
2. The BUYER shall deliver the written order to the SELLER by electronic means or by registered letter.
3. The SELLER reserves the right to refuse the execution of the order in case it is not possible to fulfill it due to lack of assortment.
4. Placing an order is tantamount to acceptance by the BUYER of all the provisions contained in the Advertising Agency's Jarograf.
5. In justified cases, the SELLER sends to the BUYER a single pattern of the ordered product printed according to the order. After final acceptance of the received design by the BUYER in the form of a written confirmation, the SELLER will proceed immediately to the execution of the above-w order.

Article 3 Product prices

1. Expressed on the, the prices of individual goods are net prices and do not include value added tax (VAT) at the rate laid down by applicable law, which should be added to those prices.
2. The prices indicated in the online store shall not include the cost of the shipment and the special packaging or securing of the goods, if required.
3. Each order placed by the BUYER is subject to the final individual price calculation due to the specificity of the marking of the goods and the type of packaging.
4. The SELLER reserves the right to change the prices in the offer of the website at any time.
5. Prices quoted on the website are updated on an ongoing basis and will be definitively confirmed by the SELLER's employees in a written confirmation of acceptance of the order from the BUYER.
6. The printing price includes the cost of making dies, machine settings and other technological activities. The dies remain the property of the SELLER. For repeated orders, only in some cases it is possible to reuse matrices.

Article 4 Product packaging

1. The SELLER reserves the right to add packaging costs to the shipping costs of the ordered goods due to the specificity of its transport. In this case, the value of the packaging and shipping costs will be specified in the confirmation of acceptance of the order by the SELLER's employee.
2. The packaging of products in the offer of the website are protective packaging, protect the products during their transport, are not subject to complaint due to their quality.

Article 5 Payment method

1. Payment for the ordered goods buyer will make a bank transfer as a prepayment to the account of the Advertising Agency
2. Payment will be made by the BUYER on the basis of a ProForma invoice sent by the SELLER's employee.
3. After the BUYER has made at least 3 orders, it is possible to negotiate the terms of payment.
4. In special cases, the possibility of payment with deferred payment.

Article 6 Shipping of products - dates

1. The delivery date of the ordered goods shall be counted from the moment of receipt of the relevant funds from the BUYER to the indicated on the seller's bank account and the delivery by the BUYER of all materials (text files, graphic designs, etc.) necessary to start the execution of the order.
2. The delivery date also depends on the chosen method of marking and packaging of the goods. It ranges from 7-14 working days. In other cases, it may be lengthened.
3. Delivery of ordered goods is carried out on working days (Monday - Friday), only through the selected courier company by the SELLER
4. The SELLER does not process orders in the form of cash on delivery shipments. (Except for individual arrangements between BUYER and SELLER).
5. The SELLER shall not be liable for damage caused during the transport of the shipment or the consequences of not reaching the shipment on time. In such cases, the responsibility falls on the courier company. The BUYER is obliged to open the package in the presence of the courier and check the contents, in case of damage, immediately write down the damage report, which will be the basis for the buyer's claim for compensation.

Art. 7 Complaints

1. The BUYER is obliged to check that the delivered goods are in accordance with the confirmed order. If the received goods have quality or quantitative defects, please inform the SELLER within 48 hours from the date of delivery of the order.
2. If the delivered goods have quality or quantitative defects, the SELLER undertakes only to make up for any deficiencies, repair or replacement of the defective goods received.
3. Products marked and custom-made are non-refundable.
4. The SELLER shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the non-performance or improper performance of the order, if they arise from circumstances over which the SELLER has no influence.
5. The SELLER is not responsible for colour prints which, due to the colour and type of substrate, may differ slightly from the Pantone colour scale. The correct colors of pantone prints are possible to obtain primarily on the substrate in white, as the SELLER informs the BUYER. Obtaining the required color effect may incur additional costs associated with ordering a special Pantone paint or making e.g. white printing.
6. The colors shown on the computer screen may differ from the actual colors of the overprints on the ordered products depending on the type of printing and the substrate of the product.
7. Due to the technological process, we reserve the quantitative differences of the goods +/- 1% Possible shortages of goods within the specified range are not subject to complaint.

Art. 8 Privacy Policy

1. The SELLER reserves the right to store and use buyer's data for the purpose of conducting loyalty programs, promotional campaigns, sending e - letters or catalogues, leaflets.
2. The BUYER's data received for the execution of the order is stored by the SELLER on the server.
3. Buyer's data will not be made available to other third parties not related to the Advertising Agency Jarograf.

Article 9 Final provisions

1. All information about the products contained in the offer of the website according to supplier and manufacturer data. The SELLER IS NOT at fault for any errors arising on the part of the supplier or manufacturer and arising during the IT processing of data.
2. The SELLER reserves the right to execute large orders in separate batches and dates, in accordance with individual and arrangements with the BUYER.
3. The Parties undertake to settle the disputes by mutual agreement and, in the absence thereof, disputes shall be settled by the court competent for the seller's registered office.
4. In matters not regulated by the above Regulations of the Advertising Agency, Jarograf provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
5. The SELLER reserves the right to change the regulations at any time.